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I started out as a Burn 60 client and it took approximately one class for me to decide it was my favorite place to workout and Kasseem turned into my favorite trainer ever. Having already had a 9-5 (and still do), this adventure started out as me just lending a helping hand when I could find some extra time to feed my passion for the brand/fitness (and to support my then-new boyfriend). That quickly turned into finding a way to be there, day and night, for every part of this – transporting treadmills, painting, installing turf, tiling, building, plant-shopping etc. – and then… I was attached. It was so rewarding every step of the way, that helping here and there became a full-on partnership for every project, decision and eventually overall operations when it was finally time to open our doors. 
We created a vision together along the way of what it would look like and how we wanted people to feel when they came into our studio, and this was something I knew I needed to be involved in for the long run. I couldn’t wait to see this Burn 60 dream come to fruition. 
These days, I focus on supporting operations and communicating with all of our incredible clients in hopes that the Burn 60 family continues to grow and allows me to cross paths with even more lovely people from all walks of life.

P.S. I feel extremely grateful I get to work alongside my best friend and partner! It is such a unique, fulfilling experience and we’ve learned we make a really great team.


CrossFit Level 1 Trainer



I joined the Burn 60 team in 2013 and immediately fell in love with the company, concept and potential to grow my own community. I wanted to find people looking to better themselves, form connections and who just truly enjoy training. Several years into leading countless group classes, we were hit with a pandemic and forced to re-evaluate how people partake in exercise and fitness without a physical space. There was the challenge of drastically limiting capacity, transitioning to Zoom, and eventually the unfortunate closure of the company that left me at a crossroads. I thought about moving completely virtual or starting my own small, personal practice. Neither of those ideas inspired me. So, I decided to purchase the company and that is how I got to be the sole owner of Burn 60 and leads us to where we are today.
Of course, that came with a whole new set of challenges. Challenges I was both nervous for and so excited about. I kept my clients and the business in Burn 60’s West Hollywood location for a while, but eventually it was time to move on to a new home and really get creative. Finding this was no easy feat but I could not be more proud of how it turned out and everything I learned along the way. We built this space from the ground up with so much passion, love and dedication to providing the best, most unique fitness experience you could possibly find. This space was built for all of you, for the incredible, inclusive community I hope we can grow and sustain. With all that said, I can’t wait to reunite with past Burn members and meet all those who want to join the fam!


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